Monday, August 18, 2008

the blog begins!

hey everybody,

here's the first post of the new blog! this blog is for the mvs nyc unit, to post pictures, stories, shout-outs, etc. that they want to share with family and friends and the rest of the world. maybe it will be a way for loved ones far away to stay connected to what the unit is doing, maybe it will turn into a staging ground for fierce debates on the merits of community living in a large urban city; only time will tell. hopefully it will be a vibrant space for the unit to reflect on their volunteer experience.

current mvs nyc unit members and support committee members are welcome and encouraged to contribute writings, pictures, video, links, etc. to this blog. everyone else is welcome to read it.

the fine print: all blog postings will be reviewed for inappropriate content, and the administrator (me) reserves the right to delete postings deemed nasty, in poor taste, or unsightly.


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